Thursday, March 22, 2018

Christmas 2017

I realized that I haven’t posted anything for a year on this blog. (And I drafted this and never posted it. So 3 months later, here it is)My life is very busy and I just don’t think about it but a friend told me she really enjoyed reading it so I’ll try to be better.  Yesterday and today was cookie day(s). I make my Grandma Slife’s sugar cookie recipe every year and then decorate them. I takes a lot of time so I really need to do them in 2 days. I miss having my boys help me with this project. I wonder if they have fond memories of it. I know they loved eating the frosting!


They aways turn out so cute. And they are very tasty too! 

Even though it’s “winter” I still have some flowers blooming. Here are a few.

Again this year I made watercolor cards for coworkers and friends. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Art for Christmas

Every year I make Christmas gifts for friends, family and coworkers. It used to be hand stitched ornaments or food. This year I decided to paint some watercolors on cards, what fun. Hobby Lobby had cards made out of watercolor paper - perfect for this project! Each one was different and unique. A lot of people were very complementary about them so I think it was a winner. Here are a few of them. Some people said I should go to work for Hallmark. Wouldn't that be fun?

I also painted this wooden box for my 7 year old grandson to store his treasures, he likes it. It also helped that there were Legos and $5 inside.

And for my boys I painted some pictures and framed them. My daughter-in-law got a needlework that I worked on for a year. I'm not the turbo stitcher I used to be. She loves Christmas stuff so I thought she'd like it. Finding a frame for it was a challenge because of the size. It's not something you can get anywhere but this one looked nice. It's more white than it looks in this picture. I wasn't sure if my boys would like the artwork, but maybe it will be something they treasure some day.

I also made lots of yummy food. I used up 2 pounds of butter in 3 days of baking. YIKES!
So now another Christmas is over. Time to start working on art for next year, and baking, and gardening, etc....
Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


There are times where I'm sitting alone in my house and feeling sorry for myself - mainly because I've had 2 failed marriages which makes me feel like a failure. But I have to stop and slap myself and remember that I have TONS to be thankful for.

1. I have many, many friends. Friends that will be there for me when I need them. They are friends from past jobs, coworkers now, choir friends - from 2 choirs, church friends - from 2 churches, old friends from grade school, high school and college, and mostly my family - they are all friends too.

2. My job - it is a job that most people would never want, I hear that a lot. But I like it. I am woefully underpaid for what I do, but with only 5 years to retirement I'm not anxious for a change at this point. And because of career choices I've made I WILL be able to retire, unlike others that are working well into their 70's.

3. That I have a house - lots of people don't. And I complain that this place is too big for one person, but it's mine, it's "me" and I can change it to make it what I want it to be. I am thankful that I can pay the mortgage and the upkeep. When I can't do that any longer I'll find a smaller place.

4. Food to eat - I'm a great cook, and like my Mom, even though it is just me, I cook a nice meal every day and I eat healthy. She's almost 91, maybe I can reach 91 if I keep this up.

5. My health - I work out every day, ride a bicycle for 20+  miles without a problem, have good blood pressure and take no medications. Not many 60 year olds, male or female can say that.

6. That I live in a country were we have a voice in our government, both local and national, and a court system that is based on a justice for everyone.

A few years ago we were challenged at work to write down 3 things that were blessings in our lives and to do that daily for 21 days. I saved all of those post-its and look back at them now an then as a reminder to always be thankful.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Photo Friday - Middle of Nowhere

I'm currently on vacation in NE Montana where most of my family lives. We often joke about this being the middle of nowhere so when I saw this was the challenge for this week I knew I had a perfect photo - or several of them! Here is my favorite.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Photo Friday - Contrast

I love the contrast of these different flowers in my garden. 
People can't believe I can grow flowers like this in the Arizona desert. 
It's magic!